Meet our ambassadors

Meet our dedicated ambassadors helping raise awareness about the Royal Flying Doctor Service and challenging Australians to Flick us a Flynn.

Natalie Barr

Journalist / presenter Ch 7 sunrise 

Popular television journalist, Natalie Barr, is known to most Australians through more than a decade as news presenter on Seven’s Sunrise morning program.

Natalie is one of the many Australian’s who has called on the RFDS for care. In 1983, Natalie was a schoolgirl living in Bunbury (WA) and flown by the RFDS for urgent care.

Almost three decades later, Natalie’s son was rushed to surgery and this time as a parent, she was again thankful for the RFDS for being there. No matter where you live, no matter who you are, The RFDS helps Australians.

“Without the RFDS.. my life may have been very different.

As a 15 year old, with my vertebrae crumbling after being eaten away by a mystery bug, they flew me to Perth as a frightened teenager from the country.

Then 30 years later, they came to the rescue again when my son had a punctured bowel from a bike accident 3 hours from Perth.

You never know when YOU are going to need them.”

– Nat Barr


Jennifer Adams

Host presenter and director 

Shining the spotlight on beautiful Australian places is a passion for Jennifer Adams. Her TV series ‘The Places We Go’ and her extensive travel around Australia has introduced her to so many Aussies in remote and rural areas.

As a journalist, Jen enjoyed a decade with Network Seven as a news reporter, prime time newsreader, presenter and documentary film maker. Her skill in telling inspirational and thought provoking stories has resulted in TV specials like “Everest – Unfinished Business” and “Chain Reaction”.

We are thrilled to receive Jen’s support for Flick Us A Flynn and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“Whether a regional centre, a remote town, or a million-acre property in the Kimberley, I have always felt great comfort knowing the Royal Flying Doctor is on standby for us all. It’s not something any of us can afford to take for granted, and if we want such privileges in our country then we need to all get behind them and do our bit. 

I have been lucky enough to travel across Australia extensively with my TV travel Series Places We Go, travelling to the tiniest, most remote towns in the country, and it always humbles me when I meet the people behind this work – they are salt of the earth, and the true spirit of Australia. How lucky we all are knowing that this organisation is there for us all. 

So why get behind Flick us a Flynn? Because to be honest, I think it’s the very least we can do to not only keep supporting, but to also say thank you.”

– Jen Adams


Steve Bastoni

Actor and director

One of Australia’s most versatile and accomplished actors, Steve has a string of film and television credits including the Golden Globe nominated On The Beach. He became a household name as ‘Angel’ in the long running television series Police Rescue and has starred in Neighbours, Wildside and The Magistrate, Upper Middle Bogan, The Wrong Girl and Wentworth (Series 4 & 5). We have seen him in films like The Water Diviner, The Crocodile Hunter and Drift and in numerous theatrical projects.

Steve is the Director and Founder of the Peninsula Short Film Festival, and the Perfect Light Film Festival in Broken Hill and he enjoys spending time in communities throughout regional Australia.

“I’ve spent a lot of time filming and directing in small Aussie towns and I know the further out bush you are, the further the distance to specialists, experts and help.

I know how appreciative regional folks are when the RFDS rolls into town for clinics and patient transport.

The ‘you’ll be right’ attitude doesn’t help when you need doctors, tests, life-saving treatment, or support services for mental health. But other Aussies can help by donating to the Flying Doctor.

– Steve Bastoni

Gorgi Coghlan

Journalist / presenter 

Gorgi is a regular co-host on Network Ten’s ‘The Project’, alongside Pete Hellier & Waleed Aly. With a background in news, current affairs, media, journalism, travel, musical theatre, science, education and professional singing Gorgi is one of Australia’s most well-rounded television presenters in the industry.

From her co-hosting role in the Logie Award winning morning show ‘The Circle’, her travel presenting on ‘The Today Show’ and ‘Postcards’ and her reporting for ‘Early Edition News’ and her signing roles on stage and in Channel 9’s ‘Carols by Candlelight’ she’s travelled the length and width of Australia.

Gorgi’s childhood on the family sheep farm near Warrnambool, on her rural lifestyle with her own family today affords her great insight into the challenges of rural communities.

“The Royal Flying Doctor’s saved my father’s life.  Dad had been critically injured on a rural property in NSW and the RFDS flew him urgently to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  My family is forever grateful for the incredible work the RFDS does to help save the lives of rural Australians”.

– Gorgi Coghlan

Matthew Dellavedova

International Basketballer and Olympian

Global basketball star Matthew ‘Delly’ Dellavedova exploded onto the international scene in 2015 and now plays for the Mulwaukee Bucks. An Olympian and a respected Aussie sport-star, Delly’s journey is an inspirational story of a country kid following a big sports dream. As a boy from Maryborough. In country Victoria ‘Delly’ had first hand experiences in seeing others call on the support of the RFDS.

“Growing up in Maryborough, country Victoria there were so many hours in the car with my folks driving around the countryside to stadiums and matches. I was fortunate to not need to RFDS, but I did have my fair share of close calls as a country kid! I know the reality of long distance travel and the challenges people out in the country face to get the support and expertise they need.

If we can all do our bit to make that distance seem less daunting, it’d be a great thing. Join the Flying Doctor today to Flick us a Flynn.”

– Delly

Stefan Dennis


Actor Stefan Dennis is known throughout the world as Paul Robinson from Neighbours. A show as iconically Australian as the Royal Flying Doctors. With a prolific career in British and Australian TV, screen and stage, Stefan is instantly recognisable wherever he goes.

Stefan is proud to support the RFDS as it helps others in regional and rural areas.

“Thousands of Australian lives have been saved because of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Now you don’t have to fly to help them out – just Flick us a Flynn and keep them in the air.”

– Stefan Dennis

Annie Maynard


One of Australia’s most hard-working actresses, NIDA graduate Annie Maynard has portrayed the many faces of Australian’s on shows like UPPER Middle Bogan, Puberty Blues, Paper Giants – the Birth of Cleo and All Saints. Her voice-over artist work in television, radio, animated feature and audiobook makes has taken her to the farthest corners of Australia.

“Whilst I have grown up a city girl, my family has strong connections to the bush and to some rural and remote communities that are close to our heart. RFDS talked my Dad through how to treat his best mate when a gas bottle exploded between his feet on a camping trip. And, an old Aboriginal stockman friend in Oodnadatta was flown to safety as his health became more complicated in his old age.

My parents now own a house in Bangor, South Australia, and (touch wood) we have not had to call on the RFDS, but have safety plans in place and this peace of mind is indispensable.  The people who live on the land are a resilient bunch, but I know the work the RFDS does must bring great solace in those times of vulnerability and pain. Here’s to the RFDS.

Flick us a Flynn Australia!”

– Annie Maynard 


Catriona Rowntree

TV personality, MC and clothing designer 

So many Australians love to travel, and many were probably inspired by the stories files by Getaway’s travel darling Catriona Rowntree.  From hosting Funniest Home Videos to Logies red carpet Arrivals, Catriona is a familiar face in Aussie loungerooms. With a passion for travel and reporting, and for life on the land, Catriona has a long association with rural and regional organisations that support people in the bush.

“Even if I didn’t have a Father who grew up in Quirindi, a brother farming in Muringo and myself now living on a sheep and grain property in regional Victoria and I’d still feel compelled to help the RFDS in any way I possibly can. I grew up in the city, but have always known of the lifesaving services that this selfless charity offers to those who can’t jump in the car and whip off to the hospital. Whilst they’re saving lives, this is the easiest way I can offer my help.’

 ‘Just point me in the right direction!’ If this is how I can support a service that is fundamental to the survival of others, I’m there. I’ll always have the back of RFDS, because one day they may be caring for mine.”

– Catriona Rowntree


Dani Venn

The Wholehearted Cook & Masterchef contestant 

Dani Venn is a Melbourne based celebrity cook, most widely known for her time as a finalist on MasterChef Australia in 2011 and as a MasterChef All Star in 2012.

Food is her joy. Dani’s shares this others through her food and communications consultancy, Eat It Up Creative, her blog, The Wholehearted Cook and her Wholehearted Wellness Retreats. She also hosts her own cooking show Weekend Feast on Channel Ten.

With an interest in healthy eating and building healthy communities, Dani knows healthy communities goes beyond food. Dani is proud to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service by sharing their story.

“Healthy communities need support in so many ways, and the Royal Flying Doctors are an important part of that for so many Australian’s. I’ve heard stories of Australian’s who have much to be grateful for thanks to the Flying Doctors – they’ve provided them with emergency treatment, transport at confronting times and support and care in the air. Now it’s out turn to help keep the Flying Doctor flying.”

– Dani Venn

Annette Allison

TV and radio icon / OAM

Annette Allison’s career in the media has earned her two Logie Awards for her contribution to Australian television. A newsreader, compere and host of numerous television shows across Australia including ten years of the popular morning program Good Morning Melbourne Annette has worked for all commercial networks. Annette is a regular Radio 3AW and 3AK host and has served as a volunteer on numerous not for profit boards including the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

We are fortunate to have Annette Allison on board as one of our team as the Public Affairs Manager of RFDS Victoria.

In 2005 Annette joined the RFDS to create a series of outback tours showing supporters and donors the real outback and to meet some of the wonderful men and women of the service. She will host her twelfth trip in 2017. In 2016 Annette was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for her contribution to many charities over the past 30 years.

Brisbane born Annette spent much of her childhood in the outback of Queensland and experienced firsthand the work of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“If you spend any time in the outback, you know the need for the flying doctor. They are a vital support to people in the bush. Every one of our aircraft is a flying intensive-care unit – we’re busier than ever and have more costs than ever. These funds are as vital as the Flying Doctor.”

– Annette Allison

Cam Knight

Comedian & TV presenter

Cam Knight is an Australian comedian and television personality who loves making Australian’s laugh.

A familiar face on major comedy stages, including the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Cam is also the TV co-host of Channel 9’s Unreal Estate with Kate Langbroek. Cam has appeared on ABC’s Backseat Drivers, Soul Mates, How Not To Behave and Wham Bam Thankyou M’am. Cam has enjoyed time in the guest seat of The Today Show’s Mixed Grill and the morning show Studio 10.

Originally from Cummins, South Australia, Cam has lapped the country with theatre shows, comedy gigs and fringe festivals, corporate comedy and musical performances.

Cam is delighted to get behind Flick us a Flynn, and we suspect he’ll have some fun doing it too.


Paul West

Cook and Author 


Marina Pryor

Opera Singer 


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Gorgi Coghlin


Catherine Skinner

Olympic Gold Medal Clay Shooter 

“My sport of clay target shooting has a long-standing history with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which we love supporting. During competition, if you miss your first target of the day, or your last target of an otherwise perfect round, you are obligated to donate $10 to the RFDS. Supporting the Flying Doctors is close to my heart.”

– Catherine’s

Dani Venn

Masterchef Contestant and Food Blogger  

Steve Bastoni


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Pip Courtney
Journalist and Tv Presenter  


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Heather Ewart
Abc News Correspondent  


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Hamish Mclachlan
Abc News Correspondent  


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