Meet John Flynn

He’s a man you’ve seen many times in your life, but you might not know his name. John Flynn is the man on the $20 note.

In 1928 he founded the Royal Flying Doctor Service to bring much needed health services to the people of the outback. For his work, he was honoured on the $20 note.

The story of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is forever linked with its founder, the Reverend John Flynn. Many referred to him as Flynn of the Inland – and his story of founding the Royal Flying Doctor Service is one that is celebrated on the $20 note.

Thanks to John Flynn’s efforts Australians working, living and travelling in rural and remote areas can receive vital health care.


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#FlickUsAFlynn By donating $20 you can help ensure Australian’s in the furthest corners receive the care they need.

This year the $20 note gets a refresh by the Reserve Bank of Australia, as John Flynn’s story continues to be shared with Australian’s – click here to read more