Meet John Flynn

He’s a man you’ve seen many times in your life, but you might not know his name. John Flynn is the man on the $20 note.

90 years ago in 1928 he founded the Royal Flying Doctor Service to bring much needed health services to the people of the outback. For his work, he was honoured on the $20 note.

The story of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is forever linked with its founder, the Reverend John Flynn. Many referred to him as Flynn of the Inland – and his story of founding the Royal Flying Doctor Service is one that is celebrated on the $20 note.

Thanks to John Flynn’s efforts Australians working, living and travelling in rural and remote areas can receive vital health care.


As a charity, we need your help to keep reaching Australians. But you don’t have to fly a plane to help the Flying Doctor.

You can just Flick us a Flynn with our $20 Selfie Share.


By donating $20 you can help ensure Australian’s in the furthest corners receive the care they need.