How your money helps

As a not-for-profit aeromedical organisation and primary health care provider, the Royal Flying Doctor Service relies on your support.

We work in partnership with community health organisations across Australia to improve the health and well-being of rural communities. Not everyone in this big country has a GP up the road, or an emergency department around the corner. Aussies in bush communities and towns rely on the Royal Flying Doctor Service to help them get to treatment, or to bring specialists to them. You can all help keep the Flying Doctor flying as we continue to care for people in the bush.

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Flying Doctor Dental Clinic

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Dargo Bush Nursing Centre

Joan’s story – mental health care

Your $20 helps fund

Baby monitoring equipment for infant incubators


Emergency Response Kits


Aircraft Brakes


Snake Bite Kits


Wind Socks


Replacement nose wheel tyres to keep our patients, pilots and nurses safe


Heart Start Machines


Multi-purpose Splints


Medical Chests


Dental XRays


Baby ear muffs for our most precious patients


Needle Packs


Mobile Health Care


Dental Kits


Dental clinic treatments


You can read more about the Royal Flying Doctor Service programs and how your support can help. 

The funds you help raise will ensure we can continue to provide aeromedical and primary health care to people living, working and travelling in country areas.

Honour the great work the RFDS does.

Kaleb, the little hero

Five years ago newborn baby Kaleb was sleeping a lot and not feeding well. Based on Australia’s east coast, his parents were quick to seek medical assistance in their small town community hospital, which rapidly turned into a call to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to assist. Kaleb was suffering from a coagulation of his aorta, which dramatically affected his liver and his kidneys.

“If they hadn’t arrived Kaleb wouldn’t be with us today … I am so thankful to have him in my life spreading happiness and joy – I am thankful every day that he’s with us” – Kaleb’s mum.

And thankfully Kaleb has made a stunning recovery.

Help kids and families get the care they need

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Paula, the grateful grandmother

When 73 year-old grandmother Paula Lewington first saw floating black spots in front of her eyes, she knew something was wrong.

But without a local eye specialist in her home town of Ensay – and unable to drive long distances, her vision became weaker and cloudier. She didn’t know that was in serious danger of losing her life. A life threatening malignant melanoma on her eye was diagnosed during a visit to the Flying Doctor Mobile Eye Care Clinic in Ensay.

Once diagnosed Paula was able travel to Melbourne to have her eye surgically removed and is grateful for the swift response.

“I’m just happy that the Flying Doctor had the clinic going just when I needed it. It’s a great thing for them to do. I couldn’t have asked for better care. It’s tacked another couple of years onto my life!” – Paula Lewington

Help those out bush get access to vital medical services

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Fergus, the outback battler

Jackaroo Fergus had been driving late one afternoon on a remote cattle station when his world was literally turned upside down.

His 4WD flipped, leaving the teenage jackaroo struggling to breathe in the dark. He had factured several vertebrae, punctured both lungs, and was in urgent need of emergency care.

When the Flying Doctor came to his aid,  he was stabilised and taken to the nearest airstrip and flown out for the specialist care he needed.

“I know I’ve been given a second chance to live the rest of my life, thanks to the RFDS, and I can’t thank them enough.” – Fergus


Help the Flying Doctor be there for all Australians travelling, living and working outside our cities, our service can make the difference between life and death.

Help the Flying Doctor be there for all Australians

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